2 Lakh AU LIT
Credit Cards
Issued Within

12 Months

AU Bank Challenged
Status Quo.

AU Bank identified an opportunity in the Credit Card space in India. The traditional Credit Cards offer category-specific benefits due to which a customer often possesses multiple cards of different categories (eg. cashback/reward/or even travel focused, lifestyle focused, e-commerce etc.) to avail of diverse benefits.

Our partner Bank questioned the fundamental construct of a Credit Card and changed a bunch of constants into variables and decided to give the power of choice to the customers.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver
    1% waiver on Fuel transactions between ₹400 and ₹5000
  • Cashbacks
    2-5% Cashback on Shopping, Dining, Grocery, Travel, Electronics, Apparel
  • Accelerated Rewards
    5X / 10X Rewards on Online / Offline Shopping
  • Memberships
    3 month subscription of Zee5, Prime, Cult.Fit
  • Airport Lounge Access
    1 Visit / 2 Visits

India's First Customisable Credit Card.

AU Bank’s LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card, India’s first customisable Credit Card powered by Hyperface Smart Benefits Engine, gives freedom to customers to select from a host of features as per their need and not tie them to a specific category.

Instead of getting multiple cards for different categories, the customer can now build their own AU LIT Credit Card with multiple benefits across categories.

An end-to-end digital experience whereby the customer could subscribe or discontinue benefits including premium ones as per their need directly from AU Bank’s mobile app in real-time.

Hyperface Smart
Benefits Engine.

The Smart Benefits Engine module of the Hyperface CCaaS (Credit Cards as a Service) is configurable, enabling the bank to provide new benefits to its customers and also add features that increase engagement.

What's unique is how this has been built to accommodate:

- Multiple Partner Integrations
- Benefit Computations
- Seamless Fulfilment to Customers
The user could subscribe to various benefits across categories (eg. lounge access, accelerated rewards, cashback, fuel surcharge waiver, OTT memberships etc.) in real-time with just a few taps on the AU Bank’s mobile app at sachet level prices.

The Hyperface
Smart Edge.

Hyperface played a pivotal role here in making the AU LIT Credit Card more customer centric with an elevated digital customer experience leading to a unique and successful Credit Card in the market.

In less than 12 months, AU LIT Credit Card crossed 2 Lakh cards which is a remarkable milestone

The card was recently selected as one of the best Credit Cards in India by Forbes.
  • 10X Faster Launch
  • Scale-up Rapidly
  • 100% Compliance
  • Delightful Digital Customer Experience

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