Co-branded Credit Cards, ready in weeks

From instant digital journeys to real time rewards, power packed API for next-gen Credit Cards

Pre-integrated and

At Hyperface, we simplify your integration journey with banks, handhold you through the tech integration, declutter the credit evaluation and KYC process, and help you build the most compelling and innovative features.
  • Integration with Banks
    Help with identifying partner banks, understanding regulatory and compliance norms and card design needs.
  • Easy Implementation
    Powerful APIs and SDKs to enable multi-bank issuance, provide superior user experience, and manage data security.
  • End-to-End Program Management
    Our Smart APIs from rewards to realtime cashback, go beyond standard offerings, allowing you to build for customer delight.
  • Simplified Onboarding
    From Eligibility to KYC, we offer a range of APIs that help you create a seamless onboarding experience for your customers.
  • Analytics & Insights
    Our exhaustive Reports Engine and Dynamic Dashboards allow you to monitor your card program and customer behaviour on the go.
  • Security
    Our audited systems adhere to robust security protocols including PCIDSS & ISO 27001 as per globally-accepted standards, compliant to bank regulations.

Build tailored Co-branded card programs
that your customers will love.

We have taken pains to simplify the co-brand integration while hiding the complexities underneath so that your developers don't have to sweat the details. With our Integration, you can compose different co-branded card programs as required.
Standard Bank Integration
Comprehensive CCaaS stack to enable rapid Card Issuance and Management.
  • Customer Onboarding API
  • Card Issuance API
  • Card Management API
  • Account Management API
  • Fetch Rewards API
Co-brand Integration
Activate state-of-the-art workflows resulting in highly engaging customer experiences.
  • Smart Onboarding API
    Configurable CVP, single window onboarding for your customers
  • Smart  API
    Transaction Enrichment, Instant EMI Conversion, Intelligent Nudges, Spend Categorization, Cross-sell
  • Smart Benefits API
    Benefits Engine capable of supporting Cashbacks, Vouchers, Milestone-based Rewards, and to enable 3rd party Offers
  • Smart Engage
    Offer Discovery, Tokenization, Analytics & Insights

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